NOLA YOGA Trainings: Immersion, 200 RYT, and Mentorship Programs

The Yoga Immersion is the first half of the 200-hour Teacher Training Curriculum.  The Immersion deepens your understanding of the practice, while being in conversation with fellow yogins on the path.  Studying in great company gives you greater access to your studentship of yoga.  We raise each other up when practicing in community.  The first half focuses on being a more aware student, while the second half emphasizes how to teach from what you know.

The 200-RYT curriculum focuses on the basic aspects of yoga instruction, by learning how to take the seat of the teacher.  You learn how to language all that you know as a student and then guide others on the mat with your eyes, words, and touch.  When you complete this level, you are ready to embark upon holding the space in which to offer classes.

After having completed the 200-hour RYS program with NOLA YOGA, you can apply for 200-RYT status with The National Yoga Alliance.

Continue to refine your teaching with one-on-one guidance or via group continuing education mentorship programs. Contact Cat for more information in how you can tailor your offerings and hone your teaching skills.