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Hominy Films

In 1998, Cat started her own film company, Hominy Films, once she graduated from New York University’s Graduate Film School in the Tisch School of the Arts. She first began working professionally in the film biz when she was 18 years old, as a production assistant. Over those next two decades, she worked her way up the ladder through the camera and art departments, to finally merit the position of director/producer/series producer. Initially creating narrative comedies, Cat found herself moving into the world of non-fiction, with Academy Award winning Barbara Kopple as a mentor in graduate school. She has directed a variety of projects from being on the road with big rock-n-roll bands to the idiosyncratic lives of celebrities, from life and death in emergency rooms to funeral homes, from drama at summer camp to that within beauty pageant world. She was nominated for an Emmy on her docu-reality show TRAUMA- Life in the ER and is also proud of her story sculpting on A&E’s Family Plots. Cat loves to walk that fine line between comedy and tragedy, in documentary, narrative, and reality genres. After all, life is often more interesting than fiction. To combine her love of film and yoga, she has some projects in development, to entertain and educate the world on how to live a life of awareness with a sense of humor in tact.   “It’s in the can” with Hominy Films.

Link to Director/Producer resumé

Link to accessible footage on You Tube:

– GoMkt: From Disaster to Dessert

– White Boot Brigade

– Family Plots A&E Series  (Cold Open- for actual shows, please contact Hominy Films)

– TRAUMA: Life in the ER  (Cold Open- for actual shows, please contact Hominy Films)

– TRAUMA: LIFE in the ER  (2001 Season Opener, Episode 1)

– Little Miss Perfect  (Trailer for Series)

– Command The Band (Cold Open- for actual show, please contact Hominy Films)