Cat McCarthy has the playful energy and curiosity of a child and the wisdom of a very experienced adult professional all wrapped into one amazing being. She is a creative, vivacious and positive spirit. Her teaching is deep, organized and connected to each student with compassion and encouragement. 

– Desirée Rumbaugh, International Yoga Instructor

Having known Cat’s practice for over two decades I’ve watched a quiet transformation. Coming from a super-ambitious way of practicing, in her role as a teacher, Cat’s learned to listen to her body yet remain dedicated to the quality and detail of her actions. Her ambition has transformed into true exuberance, which inspires students and colleagues alike. 

– Elena Brower, International Yoga Instructor

I’ve just had the most wonderful experience completing the Yoga Immersion with Cat McCarthy, an amazing teacher with a beautiful soul.  Cat’s style is grounded in a deep knowledge and mastery of the asanas and all that yoga is beyond that, and she couples this knowledge with being playful, helpful, non-judgmental, caring, funny and encouraging.  My yoga knowledge and practice has improved more in the past four months than it had over the last four years since yoga found me.  Cat offers something for every yoga skill and knowledge level.  If you’re an experienced yogi/yogini or relatively new to yoga like myself, Cat customizes her teaching and approach to bring out the best in each of her students.  Thank you, Cat!  

– Rodney L.

Cat is an exemplary teacher with a wonderful blend of wisdom, skill, inspiration, spontaneity, and just plain fun.

– Nancy Bolton Beck

I have been a serious student of yoga for four years and have been fortunate to study with several world renowned and gifted teachers. Cat stands out as a compassionate teacher of yoga and a bright light. Her sense of humor and knowledge of yoga create a fun and relaxed environment in which to learn. If you are considering a teacher training program, I highly recommend Cat. Her training has far exceeding my expectations.

– Bill Byrne

Cat has the unique ability to look at your pose and with the smallest adjustments simultaneously bring about more stability and freedom.

– Amanda Linkous

Before practicing yoga with Cat, I felt powerless against my scoliosis pain. Practicing with her helped me create the mental awareness that I needed in order to connect with my body. From there, her expertise in alignment helped me turn that mental awareness into physical action. Always playful yet sincere, tough yet encouraging, I now stand taller and sit up straighter. Jai, Cat! Jai!

– Alba Bryan

By far the best yoga teacher I’ve ever experienced. Thank you, Cat, for teaching me yoga is more than just the poses – it’s meditation , it’s being content with where you are right now, and it permeates into the rest of your life. I hope I can continue to grow in my practice as I move back to the U.K., and find a teacher that can continue to inspire me as you have. 

– Amy Hunt

Cat is fun and energetic. She has inspired me to work on my asana and I love to watch her teach as she shares her love of yoga. She is very good about translating household terms into adjustments in the postures. I think that is the constant challenge for teachers. It is obvious that she is passionate about yoga, which is contagious. Her teaching has re-ignited my passion for yoga and to learn and grow in my own practice.

– Cathy Burke

Her teaching style is very enthusiastic and positive. She focuses primarily on proper alignment and thus linking the alignment of the body with the alignment of the mind; the spaciousness achieved in the body leads to spaciousness in consciousness.

– Elizabeth Fahey

Exuberant, but meticulous. Flowing and fun but with attention to alignment. Also her knowledge of anatomy and attention to physiology has been most useful, especially during my recovery from surgery.

– Pat Gallacher

Empathic, organized, purposeful. Sharpening of focus on the disparate elements of each pose, a very deep experience of each pose.

– Harry Shearer

Cat’s style is very personal and has an in-depth understanding of proper alignment. She has a great way of explaining it and making a shift alignment in a pose simple to grasp. I appreciate her upbeat style and intensive focus on the work each of us is doing.

– Marilyn Wood

Cat has helped shift my awareness to a new level and raise the bar on my home practice.

– Skip Costantine

I gain so much every time I am able to go to Cat’s yoga class. In fact, I had not realized until I couldn’t make it to any of her class times for an extended period of time just how much they do help keep me grounded and deal with stress in a healthy way!

– Alison Chanslor

Cat is very tuned into students’ needs, and always provides much needed instruction on poses, breathing, and the general workings of the body in yoga. She continues to offer a lot of variety, whether by introducing new props, new poses themselves, or different ways into familiar poses.

– Jean Dangler

Being in Cat’s class just makes me happy.

– Cheryl Dendy

The experience she offers is one that moves, stretches, and strengthens your body in a way that makes you feel really good, and that imparts wisdom about life and how to navigate the good and the challenging situations, so that yoga is truly something that enhances our life (I feel that so many people talk about bringing yoga “off the mat,” and it is rare to find a teacher who actually explains how to do that well). Cat always brings who she is in the moment to her teaching. She is never “fake” or just going through the motions. She has a high level of integrity. Cat offers an environment where fun and a sense of play is allowed and encouraged (there is always some laughter); and importantly, a place where the student feels truly supported and cared for.

– Katie Cain