Cat From The Mat

Reframe The Membrane

My grandmother was an avid art collector. After her death, I received some of her favorite pieces. After fifteen years of these paintings hanging on my walls, I had the chance to reframe them.

A frame holds the creation that is painted on a canvas.  It contains an expression within. And the relationship between the outer and inner framework can give art a fresh look. With the guidance a talented framer, my artwork was transformed. Who knew that selecting new framework would give old images a new life?  (Before and after images, below)



As embodied beings, we have a similar relationship between our outer framework and inner workings.  The two impact one another.  Yoga is about finding the balance between intrinsic and extrinsic realms.  How I interpret the world dictates how I view everything around me.  Conversely, my subjective projection onto my environs reinforces what I am choosing to believe as true.  

I wonder in what ways I too can shift my frame of mind and get a more current outlook on life.  Within the solid structure of my physical body, I have the chance to transform outmoded beliefs or habits into current ones.  So how might I reconfigure my antiquated thoughts?  I believe that it takes slowing down, awareness, and most of all, choice.

“I thought I was so healthy. I became a vegetarian at age twelve.  I have always been physically active.  I have been practicing yoga over the past 25 years...and still I have cancer? I don’t even take aspirin.  How can’t be happening?!?!?  This was my reaction upon my cancer diagnosis.

Now that the shock, confusion, anger have worn off, I am left with a mix of utter sadness and immense gratitude.  Acceptance is first needed in order to gain an updated lease on life.  I am trying to rebuild a new infrastructure in which to embrace my perception of self.   

Who am I now? Who do I want to be?  What can I release as far as expectations or assumptions about myself, others, and situations? Can I consider my cancer to be a gift with no return receipt? 

I am currently grieving the loss of many things in my life.   One of which is selling my anchoring childhood home of 50+ years.  It is a difficult yet necessary practice of letting go and moving on.   It has forced me to find inner stability, no matter where I live.  I want to feel at home in my own skin, down to the permeable membrane of each cell.  I am discerning what to hold on to and what to release.  

Like a picture frame, my inner and outer healing bodies embrace my self-expression upon the complexion of life.  As we shed our layers of clothing this summer season, what can you release?   In what ways can you reshape your held beliefs to reflect the most current version of your adaptable and artful self?  This is what makes yoga an inside job.

Happy Summer Solstice!


Cat From The Mat

June/July 2019