Cat From The Mat

Filing for Emotional Bankruptcy?

When life is uncertain, it’s helpful to anchor into certainty.  In the realm of science, measurability determines existence.  As concrete tools of calculation continue to refine, does that mean that if something is not quantifiable yet, then it doesn’t exist? How is it you measure up?

Culturally, success is often determined by income or achieved accolades.  Financial security affords a sense of freedom, ease, and support. It can also place the focus solely on external sources.  Measuring just one type of currency can be limited, by not gauging one’s deep worth.

You might have all of the money that you need, but what if you feel emotionally bankrupt inside?  What if you inner savings account is overdrawn or your checks are bouncing? If you no longer feel solvent, how can you reinvest in yourself?  You might consider building up a different type of nest egg. 

One of the things I treasure about yoga is that I never know what someone does for a living.  The question “What do you do?” rarely comes up in class.  The unspoken invitation of asana is to discover who you are being each day with curiosity and compassion.  The practice is a way to assess an ongoing quest of self-awareness as you step off the mat. 

Dignity is your greatest asset. It’s your principal.  Only you can discern how secure you feel inside.  Value is generated within.  Your appreciation appreciates, like a high interest fund.  Gratitude yields immense dividends, which can be contagious.

To quote the Bhagavad Gita, “On this path, no effort is wasted, no gain is ever reversed; even a little practice will shelter you from great sorrow.”  Consider bringing your focus to that which is working in your life, especially the incalculable.  Just because you don’t see immediate results, doesn’t mean that you are not benefiting from your labor.  Foster the relationship between your intrinsic and extrinsic wealth and share your “enriches” with the world.


Cat From The Mat

June 2017