Cat From The Mat

Happy Great-ful New Year!

One of the philosophical underpinnings of Anusara Yoga is intrinsic goodness. You come into this world with all that you need, affirming life and your highest potential.  Your ancestors have survived and reproduced to bring you to where you are today.  You will persevere and most likely not be eaten by a lion.   Life is good.   The invitation of yoga however is to skillfully turn what is good enough into great, like transforming food into cuisine.  This takes constant practice, conscious awareness, and skill in action.

As you jump into a new calendar year, set an intention of how 2012 might unfold while holding space for the unknown.  You might sculpt your life to be successful.  The word "success" means "favorable outcome," "triumph," "victory," or even "prosperity."  In a world where results matter, failure is not usually the desirable option.  And yet, it can be the biggest catalyst of all.  Reflecting back on 2011, I myself take pause and appreciate all that has transpired to bring me to the present.  I have had some successes in certain areas and my fair share of failure in others.  But most of all, this past year has been great and full of surprises.

Greatness is realizing your fullest capacity.  A person can be successful and not be great, just as one can be extraordinary and feel like a failure.  Therefore, being great is infinitely beyond the limited paradigm of success.  Eminence is having prowess, mastery, and finesse, all of which are not determined by the outcome you achieve; rather by the way in which you transact with the world to serve your artistry and hone your magnificent potential.

I encourage you to design a successful year in order to transmogrify into more of your amazing self. Focus less on results for the sake of results and more on the tangible steps you can take to feed your biggest dreams. Do you want to be immediately successful and/or outfit yourself for greatness?  Yoga embraces both short and long-term goals concurrently.  Be triumphant while serving the highest. If you wish to deepen your asana practice or to embark upon a virtuous voyage into the world of yoga, consider taking a small yet splendid step to gain more tools for the continual journey of self-mastery.  There may be moments of success and failure to fuel the promise of a great adventure!


Cat from the Mat

Jan 2012